Fly Bye! | Travel Size Equi-Pen (Pack of Four) | All natural fly control for horses that works!

$ 8.99



Handy mini sprayer (travel size). Great for toting around the barn, pasture, or on your ride.
Comes in a pack of four.

Fly Bye! is a totally unique spray that works on a molecular level that provides ultimate protection from flies, gnats and mosquitoes. By utilizing revolutionary soy based technology, we have created a highly effective pesticide-free spray.

Fly Bye contains geranium oil for mosquitoes and gnats too. Bio-degradable, non-toxic and safe the environment.

Safe for horses. Safe for humans.

Made by Equestrians, For Equestrians

Our products are not tested in laboratories but in actual barns by horse enthusiasts just like you. We rely  on actual use feedback as to the effectiveness and quality of our products. At Guaranteed Horse Products, LLC our team is continually working for ways to better our world... one product at a time.