Thrush Eliminator Product Details

Thrush Terminator

Thrush can compromise and destroy frog and hoof tissue.  A healthy frog is firm.  Thrush will make the frog soft while emitting a foul smelling, tar-like resin.  Use Thrush Terminator to STOP thrush and maintain optimum hoof health.

  • Maintains hoof health in as little as two applications
  • Unique bottle design allows Thrush Terminator to be applied directly to the affected area for quick results
  • Easy to apply
  • Stop using messy, smelly, products that just don’t work
  • Thrush Terminator is made of all natural biodegradable ingredients and has no odor.


Directions: Pick out all debris from hoof, frog and clean out crevices.  Carefully insert tip of the bottle into cracks of the frog.  Squeeze bottle to fill cracks of the frog.  Apply once per day until thrush is gone. If the condition persists or worsens, please seek veterinary help.  For equine use only.


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