EZ Wash for Horses & Dogs Reviews

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Works great on the dogs too
ED July 26, 2016

You barely have to use any shampoo because this wand is all you need. Works great on the dogs too! I really like that you can press and lock the trigger down; you can lock the water flow to your preferred pressure. This is well worth the money!

Good for tall or high-headed horse
Tricia M July 15, 2016
This is great for my Friesian, who lifts his head up very high when being rinsed. I can get the water up to the top of his neck to get his mane rinsed without spraying his ears and face. And, the water is less likely to cover me as well. Love the color, too.

thought this was going to spray like a pressure washer
patricia n. June 15, 2016
So. I thought this was going to spray like a pressure washer. Water coming out of the end. Instead, it has little holes running up the side of it. Not the whole wand, but maybe half way. So I thought I would give it a try anyway. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! This is a necessary if you own horses. Especially if your horse is light colored. I have a palomino paint and he gets dirty! This wand cleans him so well, I don't have to scrub. I just ordered the attachment for the soap. I can't wait to try it. This is easy to handle and easy to wash your horse. I have terrible water pressure. This improves it. I've told my horsey friends about it as well. They are going to order one too!

Great for washing multiple horses
Nikki on May 24, 2016
Love it for washing the horses! It makes washing multiple horses easy and it helps get the white in our paints looking amazing. The only problem we had was that our hose was stiff and hindering the wand movement. We replaced the hose with a less stiff one and it's perfect!

The best!!
March 6, 2016
The best thing ever!! I couldn't believe how well it washed my horses without getting me wet at all! So worth the money and you won't be disappointment, my sister did it on her horse and next thing I know she's screaming with excitement because it did major work!

love it
heather i  June 29, 2015
Love it!! I have a 22 yr.old rescued mare who was scared during bath time from the hose. I bought the ez wash wand and she absolutely enjoys her bath time now! I was amazed by the amount of dirt and soap coming off her that the hose did not wash out

slider 2002 May 8, 2015
Worked well.
Just a little awkward trying to rinse under belly. I thought I had gotten my horse shampooed real good and rinsed off with the sprayer and then when I used the EZ WAND back by his hip and on top of his rump I was shocked to see all the dirty water coming off and suds.

Makes cremello horse sparkling clean!
Ashley C November 2, 2015
This is an incredible tool. I use this on all of my horses, but I am most impressed by how clean it gets my Cremello gelding. He is sparkling metallic white after using just water and this attachment.