We are board members of Save The Horses - a No Kill Shelter located in Cumming, Georgia.

Man with rescued horse - Save the HorsesSave the Horses (STH) is an all-volunteer organization operating solely on grants and donations given through the generosity of compassionate & caring people. They do not receive any government funds, nor do they have any employees.

Founded in 1998 by horse rescuer and activist Cheryl Flanagan, Save the Horses (STH) provides a safe haven where abused, neglected, and abandoned horses can be cared for, rehabilitated, and then adopted out to responsible, caring families. STH provides for about 90 horses as well as many other abandoned animals such as donkeys, goats, chickens, etc.


Through media appearances and training programs, STH strives to increase public awareness of the plight of these horses. The group also welcomes children, hosting educational, age-appropriate tours and other kid-friendly activities designed to familiarize children with horses. They include birthday parties, pony and hay rides, lessons in basic horse care, and visits to an on-site petting zoo inhabited by other small, rescued farm animals.  Please support Save the Horses.  Visit their website to learn more.

 emaciated rescued horse - save the horses



Save the Horses Logo
Horse Rescue, Relief and Retirement Fund, Inc
Non Profit 501(c)3
Established 1998

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 Save The Horses

1768 Newt Green Rd., Cumming, GA 30028



"I have 3 rescue horses from Horse Rescue and Relief. These people do the most wonderful job with all of the horses. They don't turn away the tough cases and pour their hearts into every horse. As far as I am concerned these are the most dedicated rescue people I know. I wish I could win the lottery and give it to them !!!!!!!"

"I started regularly volunteering at STH after I was released from the hospital - I viewed it as my therapy. This place is listed as a sanctuary for animals, but it works that way for people to. You visit, you help, you heal with the animals. Cheryl is a wonderful human being and willing to do whatever it takes to help all animals. She has a heart of gold! We have a great group of volunteers, but can always use more and would love to see more happy faces coming to help and be helped!"

"Cheryl and the volunteers of Save the Horses have built a place of incredible compassion. The lucky animals that find their way here receive such love and care. Sometimes the rescue is a place to rehabilitate or learn before finding a new home. Sometimes it's a happy and social forever home. Other times, it is a safe and peaceful place to end their days, comfortable and loved. 

Every resource is put to good use, and the work and dedication are tremendous. A more deserving organization would be hard to find."