About Cella, Owner Georgia Horseback

(pronounced “Chella”)
I’m passionate about horses and their welfare.  I serve as a Volunteer Coordinator and webmaster for a 100-acre horse rescue in Cumming, Georgia called Save the Horses

There reside more than 100 horses and other animals, of which the majority have removed from situations of abuse, neglect and starvation.  Others are from loving homes where the owners are too ill to care for them or due to financial circumstances, can no longer afford to care for them.

The Rescue takes them all in and many volunteer “angels” help to provide love and care to ensure that all of these precious souls get what they need to thrive.

I am an equestrian rider (hunter/jumper) and I started a Meetup Group called Georgia Horseback Riding to link with people who share my passion for riding and learning about how to care and protect equines.  The group started in 2013 and has grown to nearly 700 members. 

My retail sites (www.georgiahorseback.com and www.lauriagarrelliusa.com) are an extension of my passion for all things equine.  I wanted to share some unique, quality and affordable products that I have found that I feel that fellow horse lovers will love.

When I am not telling everyone how great my new equestrian tote bags are, you will find me playing with one of the two rescue dogs that I foster and have now adopted from Canine Adoption Network, a wonderful rescue located in Ball Ground, GA. 

The pic below is Catfish (a mule), one of my favorite rescued animals that lives at the Save the Horses rescue.  .

Please enjoy my store and reach out to me directly if you have any questions: info@georgiahorseback.com.  I offer easy returns and my mission is to create a pleasant shopping experience.



Catfish at Save the Horses