SKUP Feed Scoop With Teeth For Horses & Other Animals- From the UK

$ 15.99

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Award Winning Feed Scoop With Teeth - Measuring Markers - Strong & Durable - 3 Quart Capacity - Vibrant Colors 

SKŪP makes it super easy to break up compacted food.


               Its the very first feeder with teeth!

The SKŪP Feed Scoop provides innovative functionality that will make you wonder how you survived without it.

The scoop has teeth which break up compacted feed for horses and other animals.  The shape enables you to easily reach the corner of feed bins.  The handle is a lozenge shape and thumb position for better grip.

Created in the UK, SKŪP holds 3 quarts and has quarter, half and three quarter markers.


Skup Feed Scoop

What makes the SKŪP so special?

  • The truly innovative teeth easily loosen compacted feed.
  • Measuring lines provide accurate and consistent portion control.
  • The tight curves and straight edges makes it easier to pick feed up and also reach into the furthest corners of feed bins.
  • SKŪP is so well balanced not only does it stand up but it is also very hard to knock over.
  • Made from polypropylene which is durable, food safe and recyclable. (It won't break easily like other feed scoops.)
  • Easily scoop water and measure to wet feed.
  • SKŪP® is available in four vibrant colors that can easily be seen on the feed room floor.
  • Dimensions - Length: 14 1/2", Width: 9", Depth: 5"
  • Haggle free returns

    Read about Emma Lawton, the founder of SKŪP.


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