Thrush Terminator | 8oz | Eliminates thrush in horse hoofs fast

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  • No odor
  • Maintains hoof health in as little as two applications
  • Unique bottle design for easy & effective application
  • All natural ingredients
  •  Specially formulated for thrush. Use Thrush Terminator to stop thrush and maintain optimum hoof health.


    Thrush Terminator is made of all natural ingredients with no odor or harmful chemicals. Unique bottle design made for easy and effective application. Use Thrush Terminator to stop thrush and maintain optimum hoof health.

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    Made by Equestrians, For Equestrians
    Developed by Laura Gentile, Biologist, Environmentalist, Massage Therapist, Writer and of course, an Equestrian.

    "Our all natural, biodegradable products are not tested in laboratories but in actual barns by horse enthusiasts just like you. We rely  on actual use feedback as to the effectiveness and quality of our products. Our team is continually working for ways to better our world... one product at a time." ~Laura


    Laura Gentile

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