SoloBrush - New Grooming Brush For Horses, Dogs and Cats - Easy clean retractable brush

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New Retractable Grooming/ Bathing/ De-Shedding Brush for Horses, Dogs & Cats!

Retractable Brush.  Twist to easily clean - Watch the video below to see SoloBrush in action!


* The brush with a twist!
* Unique retractable action makes cleaning bristles quick and easy.
* A groom and massage in one! Animals love the brush's therapeutic massage!
* SoloBrush – Humane grooming brush for horses, dogs and cats.

Brush – The malleable bristles glide through hair and massage skin

Twist – Hair will drop from brush – no more picking hair out from in between bristles

Clean – Twist back again and begin brushing

• Hygienic • adjustable • durable • easy to use •

The contoured handle with a Velcro strap stays firmly in your hand.

A groom and a massage in one!

Ideal for manes and tales when bathing to really clean coats.

Suitable for use on all pet hair types from short-haired German Pointer to long-haired Retriever.

Easy-to-use, hygienic, adjustable and durable. Unique retractable action makes cleaning hair and debris from bristles quick and easy – brush, twist and remove hair. Designed with the advice of a physiotherapist to be both wrist-friendly and suitable for left- or right-handed use.

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"My horse was at the time of the year when he was moulting for a past-time, hair everywhere! So I tried my new SoloBrush. It has a contoured handle with a Velcro strap which goes over your hand so your hand stays in place and fits snugly around the brush. It is easy to use as it just twists and locks into place. I started to work in circles over my horse with the brush and was amazed at the amount of loose hair that it picked up! When the brush is full, you just untwist the 'bristles' and the hair just falls off – no more annoying picking hair out from in between bristles like you do with a curry comb! The bristles reach through the hair and down to the skin, which my horse really liked 'cos it was probably like having a mini massage! This brought dirt up from the skin to the surface of the coat so it could be brushed away. All in all I was very impressed with the brush and would definitely recommend them!"

Zoe Westlake – Owner of Tango, an Arab x Appaloosa

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