Skinny Shirt On Shark Tank June 02 2017

Skinny Shirt Before Shark Tank

Julie Kalimian, the founder of SkinnyShirt, had a high-powered career in the publishing industry. She was the Vice-President of marketing for Newsweek magazine, and had valuable experience in sales marketing, business development and design. With four children under five years old, she was keen to spend those valuable early years in her children’s lives with them, so she left the corporate world behind her to become a stay at home mom.

After a year or so, she found that as busy as her new life was, it wasn’t hectic enough to stop her from thinking about business opportunities. The former high-flyer soon discovered one business opportunity that affected her every day.

Julie Kalimian

When she had been working for big business, she had loved dressing in fashionable, well-coordinated styles, but now that she had far less time to spend getting her outfits together she found that her favorite look, that of a button-down shirt and sweater, would often look bunched-up and untidy. She looked for a shirt that had a collar, but also a stretchy quality to it, one that would be far more figure-hugging. To her surprise she found that there was no product of the kind currently on the market.

It was the opportunity Julie had been looking for, she designed the SkinnyShirt, a cross between a button-down shirt and a camisole with the ability to reduce wrinkles and creases for those who wore it. In 2011 she launched the SkinnyShirt company and things went well initially. However, after problems with manufacturers producing sub-standard SkinnyShirts, combined with the inevitable cash-flow problems that all new start-ups face, the SkinnyShirt business almost went under, but Julie managed to keep the company alive.

In May 2013 she applied to appear on Shark Tank, and after a lengthy application process she received the news that she had not been selected to appear on the show. The producers of Shark Tank suggested that she apply again next year and Julie did exactly that, she resubmitted her application and this time she was successful, she eventually pitched her business to the sharks in late 2014.

SkinnyShirt on Shark Tank - One of the most memorable episodes

When Julie appeared on the show she was seeking a $100,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity in her business. She was accompanied by an attractive model named Kirsten who was modelling the ruffled look of a normal shirt under a sweater. The model's shirt was crumpled and untidy, and Julie explained to the sharks that she had solved the problem of the crumpled shirt-sweater combination with her SkinnyShirt.

SkinnyShirt on Shark Tank
‘Can we do it again?’ Robert Herjavec enjoying the unusual pitch

Julie revealed that there was a unique design and mix of materials that comprised her product, and announced that Kirsten was going to change into a SkinnyShirt to show how much better it looked. Using a backlit so that you could only see the model's silhouette, Julie created one of the most memorable presentations on Shark Tank. 

Kirsten re-appeared, looking far more tidy and stylish now that she was wearing a SkinnyShirt, Julie displayed a picture of how Kirsten had looked before to show just how effective the shirt was at improving the shirt-sweater look, and the difference was impressive.

SkinnyShirt on Shark Tank
Before and After, the SkinnyShirt was an impressive improvement


Unfortunately Julie did not get a deal, however, post Shark Tank her company has taken off.


SkinnyShirt on Shark Tank
‘This Bully here’, Barbara was no fan of Kevin’s aggessive style of questioning

SkinnyShirt Now in 2017 – The After Shark Tank Update

Immediately after her appearance Julie asserted that the Sharks would come to regret their decision not to offer her a deal She was fully committed to making the business a success and urged viewers to ‘Watch this space’.

Now in 2017, the SkinnyShirt business seems to be developing rather well. In an interview in January 2016, Julie revealed that sales have increased by a factor of ten in the year since her segment was first aired, and part of that was due to the increased network of retailers she has built up. She now sells SkinnyShirts to over 300 boutiques.

She praised the producers of the show for their extensive help perfecting her pitch. and preparing her for the type of questions the Sharks were likely to ask.  ‘Never Give up’ she advises other potential applicants.


Special thanks to Gazette Review for this article.



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