The Amazing HandsOn Grooming Gloves December 08 2015

Why Are These Gloves So Amazing?

Well first of all it allows you to groom with both hands.  The gloves provide a massage effect that allows you to move to areas where the curry comb can't like tight body contours and sensitive areas such as around the ears, circling the legs, and the face.  There are scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms of the gloves.

Massaging with both hands puts both me and the horses into a somewhat zen state.  Its a very enjoyable experience that enhances the connection between both of us.

Its amazing how much hair comes off.  These gloves are an excellent shedder that also massages and stimulates circulation.  A bonus is that it distributes natural oils very evenly.

I love the fact that my hands stay clean and I don't have to remove the gloves to handle a shampoo bottle, lead rope, etc.

This product was originally created for horses but the designers realized that it works wonderfully on dogs and cats as well.

Four years were spent creating this product which is patent pending and they put the highest quality materials and craftsmanship into it.  It is not made of latex so its ok for those that have an allergy to similar materials.  

The gloves come in two sizes, Medium and Large.  In 2016 they will be releasing Youth and X-Large sizes.

Georgia Horseback is proud to be authorized retailers of The Amazing HandsOn Groomimg Gloves.  Pick up a pair, both you and your pet will love the experience.

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