5 Things I Wish I Had Been Told Before I Started Riding September 05 2015

5 Things I Wish I Had Been Told Before I Started Riding

1. Competing will be 80% bad and 20% good.

You’ll be sky-high one minute, and then back down to earth with a bang the next minute. Riding is tough. Very tough. Every rider will no doubt more or less agree with the above statistic. It takes an incredible amount of hard work and determination to be successful in riding. I wish I’d known just how hard it would be when I started!

2. You will become horse obsessed

Horses become more than just a hobby. You will eat, sleep, breathe, horses and become totally wrapped up in the equestrian world. Weekends will no longer be about spa days and shopping, but instead what competitions are on and where you can take your horse for a play.

3. Your non-horsey friends will think you’re crazy

To your friends you will be considered mad, damn right crazy in fact. People will wonder why you do it? Why you spend so much time? And money? To you however, it will be worth every single minute and penny.

4.  Your horse will become your therapy

At your time of despair you’ll go straight to your horse for a hug. If you’ve had a bad day at the office, your horse will be the one thing that makes everything better.  He becomes your therapy and life would be very daunting without him.

5. You will fall off – a lot!

In the early days you will fall off a lot! You’ll probably really hurt yourself and break at least one bone along the way. However, as a committed equestrian you’ll always get back on and give it another shot!

Source: Trot On