You Know You Are Horse Obsessed When... November 07 2015

You Know You Are Horse Obsessed When...

You Know You Are Horse Obsessed WHEN...

1. Your horse comes first 99% of the time.

There may be some unique circumstances when they don’t, but the majority of the time your horse will always come first. You’ll quite often find yourself at the barn late at night making sure they are ok, and have everything they need. 

2. You’re always thinking about your horse.

Some may think your crazy, at times you may also think you’ve lost it because your horse is on your mind. Constantly. There are many reasons for this - they are your best friend, your passion, and your happiness.

3. You’d rather not go out on a Saturday night if meant that you couldn’t go to a show the next day.

Whilst you love a good party with your friends, you are not prepared to let that get in the way of a riding competition. If it means that you have to swap partying for tack cleaning you are prepared to do it. Getting to a show is priority!

4. You’ll pay to keep your horse not matter what.

Whatever the cost of keeping your horse, you are prepared to pay it! You won’t have savings because you can’t resist spending on your horse, who will have a better wardrobe than you. Your family and friends who don’t ride will really struggle to see how you can justify spending that much on your horse.

5. You are still riding no matter what has got in the way.

You’ve fallen off, broken limbs, cried many tears, and bought horses that have turned out to be a disaster, yet through it all you’ve never lost that burning desire to ride. Why? Because without riding and horses life would be miserable.

Source: Trot On