Introducing The Very First Feed Scoop With Teeth! August 08 2017

Skup - the first feeder with teeth

MILTON, GA - September 7 2017 - Georgia Horseback is thrilled to be the very first retailer in the United States to carry the award winning SKŪP Feed Scoop.

The feeder for horses, dogs and other animals has taken the UK by storm where customers say that they don't know how they have survived without it.

The Very First Feeder With Teeth
The ergonomically designed SKŪP is the first feeder to have teeth which breaks up clumped, compacted, or sticky food. "Use it as a rake to easily break up the clumps." Says Emma Lawton, the company's founder.  

In addition to its ability to scoop and separate feed, the unique elongated shape makes it easy to reach the corners of feed bins which standard scoops can't get to.

The SKŪP has measurement markers (1/3,1/2, 3/4) inside that allow you to accurately measure feed or water which makes this product indispensible for portion control and effectively soaking feed.





Never Has There Been So Many Features In A Feed Scoop!

SKUP Feed Scoop

Its also loaded with other features:

  • Use as a rake to utilize teeth to break up clumped or sticky food.
  • Lozenge shaped handle has a thumb grip so the scoop does not spin in your hand.
  • Its 3 quart capacity has clear measuring markers. 
  • Extra strong & durable.  It will not break apart like other feed scoops.
  • Made from polypropylene which is food safe and recyclable. 
  • Well balanced.  Stands up and is very hard to knock over.
  • Stackable - easy to store or hang up.
  • Comes in four vibrant colors.
  • Dimensions - Length: 14 1/2", Width: 9", Depth: 5".

The unique design and functionality impressed the judges at the British International Trade Association (BETA) so much that they voted SKŪP the most innovative horsecare product.

The product is available for sale online at Georgia Horseback.

Click here to shop or for more information.

SKUP Feed Scoop

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